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Services Overview


The ability to strike a perfect balance between classic and contemporary exteriors and interiors are the pinnacle  principles of the firm.


There is no differentiation or distinction between their approach to private and commercial clients. Every project begins with a discussion to understand the overall vision and goals of the client.

Depending on the scope, this will move into to detail of how the space is to be used; including discussing lifestyles, expectations and demographics of the customers or occupiers. What are their needs, likes and dislikes.


Whilst their interiors share a common contemporary style, every client and project is formed differently using their interpretation of balance and symmetry.


Clients often have a vision or idea for the site or space and once the rough layout and space planning are completed, a consultation begins with the other specialists. Often, building architects and engineering teams who have specialist services input into the project.



Before appointing a Management team to carry out any work, you'll want to know that you're dealing with people who understand your needs and all the issues relating to your project. 


They're experienced in all aspects of design and in most cases have backgrounds in senior level consulting positions and fast-track Design & Build operations.


Their design careers have spanned most market sectors from residential, and commercial spaces.


Prior to commencing work on your project, Manifield Design Consult  appoints  a dedicated project team. The make-up of the team is determined by the nature and complexity of each project, but will always remain the same people throughout, consisting of:

The Design Consultants work closely with Clients and bring great experience and a detailed design knowledge, seeing projects from concept to completion at the highest standard.

The Senior Designers are responsible for the overall design delivery. They ensure all design deliverables are met and that the quality of work and design integrity are adhered throughout the project.


The Project Designers role is to co-ordinate all aspects of the design, taking the approved layout and concepts through to an agreed, fully detailed, interior proposal. The Project Designer will be dedicated to the project through to completion, developing the design with your team and overseeing progress of works on site. 


The Technical Designer report to the Project Designer and use AutoCAD Computer Generated Software in all areas of the design production process. They are responsible for the production of detailed CAD Concepts, Tenders, Construction and As Built drawings, together with distribution and management of CAD based information.



PROJECT COORDINATION -They coordinate all meetings with your team on a regular basis during the early stages of the project for the development and agreement of the design and concept. Following approval of the design, it is likely that Design meetings will be held as necessary to discuss changes or improvements to the project as required by you. The development of the technical specifications can be carried out at these meetings in conjunction with specialist design engineers. Meetings can be held at appropriate intervals from the start of the project right through to completion and handover. The meeting intervals are project specific to suit the circumstances at the time but it is likely that they will be weekly during the project. Project Meetings can be controlled by the use of a standard


SPACE PLANNING - They take a detailed brief and carry out a number of meetings with key people involved in the project / process. They carry out all necessary surveys of the proposed site, load information onto their AutoCAD database and adapt layers/information, ready for inputting new layout data. Detailed surveys are carried out for all existing site profiles to assess implications of re-use on proposed space plans. They develop and advise on spatial relationships, space standards and adjacencies.


CONCEPT DESIGN - They produce theme boards, 3D visuals, sketch perspectives and other design information required to represent the aesthetic and cultural requirements of the brief. They confirm all fixtures, fittings, equipment, furniture and finishes, together with costs and delivery times. They issue proposals for approval on bespoke items or specific products and manufacturers.


DETAILED DESIGN - They prepare detailed area plans, elevations and construction details, for project team approval.  They prepare detailed scope of works for project team approval. They undertake value engineering exercises to assess design solutions for cost, build ability and adaptability.


PROJECT DOCUMENTATION -They prepare all contract documentation, detailed specifications and drawings, and finalize construction and contract cost plans.



PRE OCCUPATION SURVEY - Before they take possession of site, they prepare a detailed pre-occupation dilapidation's schedule and conditions survey of the existing site and adjacent property / areas. To include existing conditions, faults and general descriptions with photographic schedule.


TECHNICAL SERVICES - To facilitate the very specialist nature of engineering services on both small and large projects, they have in-house MEPS design support (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Services). During design reviews, the Pre-Construction team can carry out the following specific operations:


A full review of all engineering services / design information

Issuing reports on build-ability, value engineering, technical and constructional aspects of the design

Maintain dialogue with local authority and statutory authority with regard to the project

Develop appropriate Quality Assurance procedures for assessing and monitoring the installation of all M&E, IT, AV, and Security.

Identify long lead items.



COMPLETION AND PROJECT HANDOVER - To manage the vital completion stages of a project, they have developed formal processes and procedures.The procedures ensure that all measures have been taken to fully complete the project and also to serve as an aide memoir to you, in taking a seamless and trouble-free occupation of the space.


Leave your worry to us.

In partnership with our team of qualified quantity surveyors and engineers, we will ensure that the project gets to site smoothly by submitting the necessary documents to the relevant authorities.

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